About Marilyn’s Plan

Had enough of dieting and going to bed hungry and grumpy?

Don’t worry about it anymore because I’ve found a simple and easy way to do it. I don’t encourage restricting/reducing foods especially since we all know you will be hungry if you do. Wouldn’t you think that if you reduced your intake of food you would also be reducing your nutrition levels? Of course you are but nobody thought of that before I did. And why reduce carbohydrates? I will tell you to eat more. Sound odd? Well, it’s not. It’s sensible because I based all my statements on the Government guidelines for recommended daily intake (RDI) for healthy, nutritious foods.

Once you have the book with the wonderful Plan and you have read it and commenced, I want you to go to bed each night telling yourself “I am my goal weight. I am fit and healthy and I feel great.”
When you arise, keep these thoughts active in your mind and believe you are at your goal weight and you are fit and healthy. Your attitude toward life needs to change to be positive, happy and cheerful. Don’t listen to or think about negative thoughts or events or you may slip into the dark chasm of negativity, pity and sorrow. Take on all your activities of daily living with joy, approach people with a smile. Look and behave your best now so when you have reached that goal weight, you attitude and feelings towards your new body won’t be such a big transition because in your mind you already have it.
People are always wishing for things whether it be better health, more money, a better job, a good relationship and even a goal weight. These thoughts are based on ‘HOPE”
I want you to change this whole concept and the word to “BELIEVE” Thinking, acting and believing you have/are what you want is a very powerful tool and it shows in your words, thoughts and actions. It puts you out there to the world as a happy, cheery person and someone everyone wants to be around and people and things are always attracted to this. Like a magnet.
Imagine walking into a large room with about 50 to 100 people inside. It’s a party and there is music playing, lights flashing, lots of chatting and mingling and some are even dancing.
You notice in a corner of the room, a woman sitting on her own with eyes downcast and shoulders probably hunched, not smiling. She is dressed appropriately for the party, hair and makeup looks good but no one is the slightest bit interested in talking to her or even being around her. They fear if they sit with her or ask her to dance or anything else, she might just lump her mood onto them and bring them down to her level of despair. She is going to be a mood killer.
Now in the other corner of the room, there is another woman. She is dressed pretty much the same for a party. The only difference is. She is surrounded by people who want to be near her. She is laughing, chatting, smiling and sending out the most positive vibrations to the crowd. She is having a fantastic time and everyone wants to be a part of this vibration. She is attracting people to her. They want to be near her and to have what she has. Belief and confidence in herself.
That’s right. She BELIEVES.
Have you ever heard someone laugh loudly and all eyes in the vicinity turn to look? They’re not just looking to see where it’s coming from. They are preparing to gravitate towards that happy cheerful soul who is enjoying life. If that laughter keeps coming, soon it will be apparent that everyone will be standing around that person trying to soak up their good mood.
Everyone wants to be around action packed, happy, cheerful people. It’s a natural attraction. So do this for yourself. Radiate good thoughts, happiness and a smile where ever you go. Forget negativity, bad thoughts, feelings and actions. “BELIEVE”
Do things to improve your mood. Watch comedy if you like a bit of TV. Go and help an elderly neighbour, it will make you feel good. Get your headphones on and go for a walk in the park and delight in nature’s grandeur. Dance around your house with fabulously uplifting music. Read books with positives messages and humour. I put the music on and do my housework to improve my mood anytime I feel a little dull. Life is meant to be enjoyed so grab hold and live life to its fullest.
The Plan in my book is simple and easy to follow and my blog will give you information about food and health. Follow the book, enjoy eating food again and BELIEVE the goal is yours.

You can get excited about this because once you start you won’t look back.. It’s truly thrilling.
After all my years of dieting and suffering on every diet known to man, I now look at other diets like leftovers.. Yuck! Old, stale and done before.. Eeewwww I really despise leftovers. They are the fridge garbage.
I began to love food and eating again without being afraid of it. I think I spent my whole life thinking about food and what I could eat without putting on more weight. I had no idea what I was doing. Nothing was clear. It was as if I was immersed in a fat, food fog… Does this sound familiar to you?

Your body needs the variety of foods to sustain health. Each food has it’s own nutrient value so don’t leave it out of your eating Plan. Enjoy it. There is nothing more desirable than seeing someone glowing with good health.

Have you got an overweight pet? If so, then that is sad. Their poor little bodies are at risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, arthritis etc, and we should be more responsible. We should know why we eat and apply the same principal to the feeding and exercising of our pets too. They will suffer in the hot weather and sleeping will be uncomfortable for them. Help them lose weight. They can do it on Marilyn’s Plan. All our pets are on Marilyn’s Plan and are happier and healthier for it.
Do yourself a favour and get the book, boost your mood and attract good vibes to yourself with your positive outlook on life. Love yourself and BELIEVE and it will happen.
You’ll love it I’m sure.

Marilyn xxx